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Juggling motherhood and business? Scale to 100K on a 3-day workweek—balance perfected, no compromises.

ClickUp Consulting for Mom Entrepreneurs. Empowering YOU to master your time and tasks like a mother!


Hi, I’m Ria.

As a former educator, I transitioned to the role of homeschooling mom of five. My expertise now shines as a ClickUp Consultant. I bring a wealth of experience and carry the unique perspective of a military spouse with a Navy upbringing. If you seek expert ClickUp guidance, I specialize in weaving together the threads of motherhood and entrepreneurship. I am committed to helping realize your potential through a range of services and products designed to balance the intricacies of business and home together.

Working with Detailed Diva to get my ClickUp set up for business and personal was hands down a HUGE time saver, productivity booster, and 100% worth the monetary investment! She was great about listening to what I wanted and needed and surpassed my expectations with the results! Her knowledge of ClickUp greatly surpassed my own so she suggested many things that I didn't even know were a possibility! I can't say enough great things about her help!

— Sara B.

Navigate your entrepreneurial journey with confidence—transforming challenges into triumphs.

What We Offer:

Course and Templates

Transform your business operations with ease using our plug-and-play templates, designed to optimize your workflow in just an afternoon.

Simplify the setup of a ClickUp workspace that not only supports your family and business but also delights your clients.

ClickUp Consulting

Gain valuable insights into your ClickUp workspace with a customized strategy. Explore ClickUp's capabilities and leverage its array of tools to improve outcomes for your clients, team, and home. Refine your workspace to seamlessly integrate it into your dual roles.

ClickUp Setup

Experience ClickUp setup the easy way – let's craft a personalized workspace tailored just for you, guide you through its usage, and provide you support as you familiarize yourself with the system.